Welcome to ITPF

The International Telepathology Foundation – ITPF – is a non-profit organisation in course of incorporation. It will be ITPF’s aim to study and promote the use of telepathology by collaborating with other academic and non-academic partners. ITPF’s partners will be carefully selected based on the specific needs and challenges of involved projects.

The mission of ITPF is

1. To bring together pathologists interested in providing telepathology
2. To create a portfolio of services
3. To offer our members legal and technological advice
4. To organise quality control and provide high-quality telerpathology services.

ITPF guarantees continuity and quality

The International Telepathology Foundation guarantees the expertise, quality and continuous training/education of it’s affiliated pathologists. Our Tier 1 experts are able to provide 24×7 coverage in all pathology subdisciplines.

Our pathologists are all :